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Having worked with hundreds of insurance and real estate agent professionals over the years, 1st Colorado Roofing understands the connection between broker/agents and their customers. We also know the trust that an insurance provider or realtor invests in any contractor who works with his or her clients.
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We understand.

A trustworthy roofing resource

While respecting insurance and real estate agent’s homeowner trust and ties, 1st Colorado Roofing strives to provide the highest level of honesty, support and service to the homeowners that have been entrusted to them. We accomplish this by:


We understand.

A trustworthy roofing resource

Virtually every day of the year, roofs up and down Colorado’s Front Range are baked by the sun, whipped by wind or hammered by hail, resulting in damages that are costly and time consuming to fix. To help guide you through the repair or replacement process, our service is built on a three-step process.


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The average life of a Colorado roof located east of the Continental Divide is 8 years.

Fully integrated service

1st Colorado Roofing’s considerable experience with the entire insurance claim process alleviates numerous stressors for insurance professionals. For example, as part of every project, we:

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1st Colorado Roofing’s long-time success is built upon one-on-one relationships with our customers. So your client will have one specific point of contact from the start of the project through its completion. Obviously, we have different crews working at different points within the project, but no matter what’s getting done, our dedicated associate is available to address any questions or concerns and reinforce your client relationship.

Very well. For more than a decade, we’ve worked with insurers up and down the Front Range to help facilitate roofing solutions for customers large and small. Our associates have extensive experience and training on the insurance side as we are on the project side.  We utilize the same methods and software as 95% of the insurers in today’s marketplace.

We know the claim process can be complicated for homeowners, especially with regard to the payment process. To help bring clarity to the situation, 1st Colorado Roofing fully explains every step of the process and takes no money up front. Ultimately, we believe this approach reinforces the value of insurance brokers/agents, real estate agents and adjusters as valuable partners to homeowners and property managers in the face of challenging circumstances.

Yes. We are fully insured with both general liability and worker’s comp coverage and we are licensed in over 20 municipalities and counties across the front range.



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Bruce Oyler
2020 Statefarm agent review


Great service to us and our clients, exceptional work product, and the ability to handle problems, makes 1st Colorado Roofing LLC a favorite to recommend to our customers.

Cindy Choate
2019 Google Review


I love these guys. Honest, trustworthy and willing to work with your insurance for you. Great product, great installation and great prices. You can’t go wrong here.
Juli Goodhue
2019 Google Review


Before you bring out an insurance company to check your roof for damage, bring out 1st Colorado Roofing. They understand how the insurance companies work and will give you an honest evaluation. They can help you avoid useless claims with the potential of raising your rates. They are an exceptional resource all the way around for roofing needs!



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1st Colorado Roofing maintains an extensive inventory of products and materials that meet our high standards for quality. Furthermore, given our longstanding relationships with a number of valued suppliers, we frequently ease the selection and delivery process while meeting your requirements, tastes and budget in determining your roofing project.






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