Homeowners Associations (HOAs)
Roof repair or replacement is a stressful proposition for any HOA. While the board strives to do what’s best for all residents and owners, those affected by the project on a day-to-day basis want to stay informed about its progress. As part of its longstanding commitment to communication and transparency, 1st Colorado Roofing regularly communicates with HOA boards, residents and owners to ensure as smooth a path to completion as possible.
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HOA Services

Community Care

Of course, our primary point of contact with any HOA is the board. Yet, just as importantly, we know that all residents, tenants, visitors and owners must contend with the equipment, materials and workers on the property during the project. To make the roof repair or replacement process as painless as possible, we provide regular updates in a variety of formats and welcome feedback.

Community Safety

On any 1st Colorado Roofing job, the safety of residents, owners and visitors is paramount. So we take multiple measures to keep people and other property away from the work-site.

Deep Claim Expertise

Generally, HOA boards only occasionally need to deal with roof repair or replacement projects. We, on the other hand, work with such matters on a daily basis. So, when it comes to navigating the insurance process and managing the project from start to finish, we work to make the experience as hassle-free as possible for you.




Here are a few examples of our recently completed projects:




We know that HOA directors and board members are busy people who may be short on time and have limited experience in working through roofing projects. To ease any uncertainties, we fully explain what’s needed, relevant building codes and all possible options to the entire board from the start of the project through its completion. Whether you’re a director or a board member, we know that you must answer to your fellow homeowners, so providing you with the knowledge you need is critical.

1st Colorado Roofing is committed to the highest level of safety for not only their workers but also the residents, tenants and guest of the properties we service. We do this through continual communication with the residents and tenants via email notices, posted letters and signage. 1st Colorado Roofing utilizes an extensive amount of safety cones, netting, safety pylons and caution tape to protect residents, tenants and guest from potential danger. 

A large part of maintaining a safe worksite is communicating in as many ways as possible, from abundant signs around the property to notifications on individual doors and from safety cones and tape to resident emails. To minimize the related responsibilities of property managers and HOA boards alike, we take a proactive approach to informing all about the project and scheduling, and handle any incoming calls as well.
1st Colorado Roofing’s claim handling expertise includes extensive work in the commercial space. Armed with this knowledge, we streamline the claim process and minimize your related workload while adhering to current building standards and codes in all aspects of the job.

Yes. We are fully insured with both general liability and worker’s comp coverage and we are licensed in over 20 municipalities and counties across the front range to perform all needed work to complete your roofing repair or replacement project.



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Gregg Engel
2019 Google Review


Josh and company were very good at follow up, concerns, and work quality. I would HIGHLY recommend the company and the quality of their work.
Cindy Choate
2019 Google Review


I love these guys. Honest, trustworthy and willing to work with your insurance for you. Great product, great installation and great prices. You can’t go wrong here.
Juli Goodhue
2019 Google Review


Before you bring out an insurance company to check your roof for damage, bring out 1st Colorado Roofing. They understand how the insurance companies work and will give you an honest evaluation. They can help you avoid useless claims with the potential of raising your rates. They are an exceptional resource all the way around for roofing needs!



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1st Colorado Roofing maintains an extensive inventory of products and materials that meet our high standards for quality. Furthermore, given our longstanding relationships with a number of valued suppliers, we frequently ease the selection and delivery process while meeting your requirements, tastes and budget in determining your roofing project.






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